Up to 50 million in funding

We scale companies with real money, domain experience and a global SALES network.




Energy to the people is one of human civilizations biggest challenges. We believe that solving this problem can only be done by visionary people and advanced technology.

that’s why we aim to HELP START-UPS AND ENTREPRENEURS complete the journey from idea to market as quickly as possible.

We’re looking for:
Business ideas with international market potential and applications in the energy sector IN DISCIPLINES THAT INVOLVES DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW TECHNOLOGY.


Round #2 in autum 2019

The next round is set to start in autum 2019, and we are calling for your ideas.

*Subject to adequate level of quality of idea, to be determined by Innovation Dock and Well Innovation in its sole discretion.



STAGE 1 - pre-acceleration

Out of the received ideas we will pick 10 winners that will be invited to join an 8 week qualification process sponsored by Well Innovation. This involves a business development and mentoring program for the selected winners.

The program will help you clarify the following topics:

  • What is your unique business model or technology?

  • What is the global market potential for this concept?

  • How do you plan to enter the global market?

  • What technological challenges do you face and how do you plan to solve them?

  • What industry partners could help you accelerate the development/sales?

  • How much funding is required to get to final product?

  • What is your exit strategy?


  • You or your team from STAGE 1, will be challenged to present for a panel of industry experts in June.

  • The 8-week program will prepare you for this, and help your company chisel out a solid business presentation.

  • Participating ideas could be offered a funding proposal of up to 50 million NOK, subject to reaching a mutual agreement with Well Innovation. The funding proposal will cover the entire technology development cycle, from Idea to commercialization/exit and be taken to STAGE 3.

Stage 3 - develop, scale and exit

  • The experienced development and sales organization from Well Innovation will be made available for your team.

  • We will contribute with the necessary resources to ensure a commercialization success.

  • Our common goal will be to develop the advanced technology through an established partnership.


Practical information

29th of April - Workshop with PwC
30th of April - Workshop with Innovation Dock
(All workshop will be held in Stavanger)
20th of June - Final presentation (Stavanger)

The other sessions will be held online. Mentoring will be done by video conference. Slides and business development tools will be made available for all attendees.

10 winners will be invited to join the program and proceed to STAGE 2, sponsored by Well Innovation.

We charge NO FEES for participation in the 8-week business development and mentoring program. You will only have to pay for your own travel and accommodation if needed.


If you are one of the lucky winners in STAGE 1, you could get a funding proposal from Well Innovation, the terms will be negotiated individually so that everyone is happy with the outcome. If we do not agree, both parties are free to walk away with no strings attached.



  • Design, develop, test, field trial, commercialize and exit.This is that we do. Over the last years we have made several multi-million dollar exits and start-ups for companies like i-Tec and Darcy.

  • Through a partnership, we would like to share this knowledge with you and help your company succeed with your venture.

In short, we take the company from idea to market.


Practical information:

There will be two sessions in Stavanger on the 25th - 26th of April, the other sessions will be held online. Mentoring will be done by video conference. Slides and business development tools will be made available for all attendees online.




Innovation Dock

Innovation Dock is helping entrepreneurs shape the future. We provide acceleration programs, investor network and high-quality coworking spaces. Today we coach more than 100 entrepreneurs every year, host 70 startup companies and provide 3000 m2 of coworking for them to use.

In 2017, all the Norwegian finalist for the Strawberry Million by Petter Stordalen were from Innovation Dock.




Funding & development:

Well Innovation

Well Innovation AS is an independent technology investment and development company, focusing on the energy sector.

We are specialists in taking a conceptual idea to a commercial accepted product, whether it is our own idea, someone with a technology development and/or financing need, or a client’s need to close a portfolio gap.

We are experts in the design, prototyping, testing and commercialization of technologies combining the elements within mechanic, hydraulic and electronic disciplines (Mechatronics / Robotics).

Well Innovation is funded by multiple investors from Norway. They believe funding new technology ventures is vital to the future of our nation and have had a huge success by doing so.

In 2018 Well Innovation paid out 142 million NOK in dividends to their investors.




PWC Energy Experience Center is on a mission to shape the industry by facilitating collaboration and sharing experiences. Our vision is be the hub for innovation in the Energy Sector in Norway. PWC sees the opportunity to learn and partner with innovative thinkers and technologies, through partnering with Nordic Energy Accelerator.

The Energy Experience Centre will act as an innovation hub, and aim help our clients accelerate digital innovation and transformation. The center will offer an ecosystem of talent, environment, and solutions, combining the best partnerships and consultancy to support our clients.